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Seals and Bearings

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Seals and Bearings

The Seals and Bearings business of Morgan Advanced Materials produces high performance seal components and bearings for equipment manufacturers worldwide.

As the world’s most diversified supplier of seal components, we are collaborating with customers in a broad range of markets including, Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Medical and Petrochemical.

Utilising the distinctive properties of our material portfolio, we are able to engineer bespoke solutions for customers, tailoring formulas so that the end component can withstand the demands of even the most challenging of applications.

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sale1_tenten Mr.Tùng: 0948 067 668

sale1_tenten Mr.Kiên: 0914 888 604

sale1_tenten Ms. Ngân: 09 1111 3693

sale1_tenten Ms. Quỳnh Anh: 09 1111 3832

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